After an accident that leaves him bedridden for two months, the filmmaker retrieves discard images he’s been collecting for eight years on his computer’s hard drive. With them he develops an intimate and poetic film, consisting of portraits of friends, walks through Barcelona and a trip to his native country, Venezuela, where chaos imposes its aesthetic appeal. A complex and fragmented film that shows the world of the filmmaker that sometimes happens to be as absurd and miraculous as a painting by Hieronymus Bosch.


International Film Festival Rotterdam, Official Selection "Bright Future" (Nederland, 2011).

Audience Award at Punto de Vista International Film Festival Navarra (España, 2011).

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria International Film Festival. "Panorama" Program  (España, 2011).

La Casa Encendida Madrid. "Contemporary Film" Program(España, 2011).

REC Tarragona International Film Festival. Official Selection (España, 2011).

Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona CCCB, Xcèntric April Program (España, 2011).

ARTIUM, Centro Museo Vasco de Arte Contemporáneo, Vitoria-Gasteiz (España, 2011).

FIDOCS, International Documentary Film Festival. Official Selection (Chile, 2011).

Festival 4+1 Fundación Mapfre (Ciudad de México, Bogotá, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Madrid, 2011).

VIENNALE, Official Selection (Österreich, 2011).

L’Alternativa, Festival de Cinèma Independent de Barcelona. Official Selection (España, 2011).

Mar del Plata International Film Festival. "Panorama" Program (Argentina, 2011).

MUSAC, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Castilla y León. "No Fictions" Program (España, 2012).

Roma Independent Film Festival. "Found Footage" Program (Italia, 2012).

Cervantes Institute Paris (France, 2012).

Lima Independent Film Festival. Hommage to Andrés Duque (Perú, 2012).

CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo. “Orchestra Rehearsals” Program (España, 2012).

Bilbaoarte Fundazioa. “Andrés Duque: Rehearsals for the Future” (España, 2013).

Y92 Tribeca N.Y. CineArtSpain Program February (EEUU. 2013).

3XDOC Encuentro de Creadores Madrid Andrés Duque + Viktor Kossakovsky (España, 2013).

O Cinema Wynwood Miami. November Program (EEUU, 2015).

Cinemateca Portuguesa. "Novíssimo Cinema Espanhol" Program December (Portugal, 2015).

FIDOCS International Documentary Film Festival. "Andrés Duque" Program (Chile, 2016).

Atlantida Film Festival - Filmin. "Andrés Duque Retrospective" (España, 2019).

Cuarto Cine Helsinki - Orion Theater (Suomi, 2019).

Retrospective to Andrés Duque, Festival de Cine Documental Alcances, Cádiz (España, 2020).

Visiones Contemporáneas, últimas tendencias en el cine y video en España, DA2 Salamanca (España, 2022).


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